No matter if you’re a Sommelier who needs accessories to streamline service, a bartender looking for faster ways to serve your customers, or a mixologist looking for the latest precision tools, we’re sure to have the right accessory for you. All of our bar supplies are designed for use in busy every day environments and can easily withstand the rigours of constant use.


We can provide you with all the equipment you’ll need to comply with the weights and measures act. To remove the chance of creating wastage, a wall mounted optic may be the best option for you. They are fast to dispense and will always dispense the exact measure every time. If your establishment won’t suit having wall mounted optics, a thimble measure or jigger offers a more discreet way of measuring spirits. If you serve spirits or liquors, we have thimble measures that are CE marked to measure liquids in amounts of 25ml, 35ml or 50ml. Dependant on your setup and the atmosphere you are trying to achieve, different products could be best for you.


We also have everything you’ll need to serve wine in your bar or restaurant, we have ice buckets to ensure white wine is served at the correct temperature. If you serve wine at the table, we have a selection of corkscrews so that you can remove the cork with speed and elegance, and we stock bottle sealers for keeping wine fresh between servings if served by the glass.


We stock and can source an exceptional range of glassware. Our comprehensive selection of glasses and desert glasses is ideal for professional and domestic use, all from leading brands. You will find glassware that is versatile, stylish and reliable for your requirements.


You can find professional, quality products from world leading brands. We have everything you’ll need to run a smooth cocktail service in your bar. With everything from shakers to napkins, mixers, juice pourers and cocktail syrups, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned mixologist or budding barman, we can supply you with the tools to make a perfect cocktail. If you need a glass for your creations we can provide that too.

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